Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pesce Piccata

While visiting with my parents, we stopped at a fish market and picked up some Rock Shrimp for an appetizer (simply broiled 'em and dipped in butter) and some Grouper. My dad likes everything fried but I don't so I threw together a dish that I thought we would both like (and my mom, too, of course.) It turned out very good, if I do say so myself! My dad even went back for seconds.

1 lb grouper, sliced into 1/2" pieces
flour mixed with seasoning (we used Paula Deen's Silly Salt and some black pepper)
olive oil and butter to cover bottom of frying pan

juice of 1/2 lemon
about 1 cup white wine

fresh grated parmesan or peccorino romano
hot pasta (angel hair would have been perfect but we only had penne)

Heat oil and butter in pan. Dip grouper pieces into seasoned flour and quickly sear on both sides in hot oil/butter mixture. Lower heat and cook for a few more minutes. It doesn't take long! Add lemon juice, white wine and capers to pan and turn heat back up. Reduce sauce by about half.

Serve immediately over hot pasta and sprinkle with fresh parmesan. Fresh parsley would have been a nice finish but my mom and I both forgot she had some growing in a pot on her patio until after we were done eating! Mushrooms would be a nice addition to this dish but we didn't have any.

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Allegra said...

yum! will definitely try it. it would probably be good on chicken as well.